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Building Staffers platform from scratch

We've built Staffers web and mobile app by utilising cross-platform development in React & React Native and server-less code architecture with Firebase. Read more about the entire project.
App development
React Native, Firebase
3,5 months
To launch the project
4+ stars
On AppStore and Google Play
20k+ downloads
On AppStore and Google Play

Our Task

Founders of Staffers had a clear vision - to improve the conditions in the hospitality industry. They prepared a thorough specification of both mobile and web applications which would help connect staffers (as they call hospitality workers) with hospitality establishments. After meeting the Webscope team at Web Summit and first initial project management discussions, it was clear that Webscope would be a great partner to provide a complete solution.
The task was clear - to develop a scalable mobile application (both iOS and Android) and a web-based admin application in less than four months. Thanks to clear communication and hard work, we have managed to meet the deadline and deliver exceptional results. Since then a lot has changed. Staffers received funding, and their platform is used all over Oslo. We are glad to be part of this journey, and we continue to develop the mobile application and provide more features and functionalities to the end-users.
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Our Approach

First, we evaluated the project specification. When we considered the time frame (4 months) in which it has to be ready, the scope of the application, and the functionality it should provide, we decided that the best tool for this job would be a combination of cross-platform development via React Native for mobile and React for the web. As a backend, we went with server-less architecture with Firebase - Cloud Firestore provided both efficiency and real-time; both things we needed. It allowed us to cut a lot of overheads with cross-platform development and we benefited greatly from Firebase functionalities. We have also used Detox for end-to-end testing, Gatsby for developing the original web page, Typescript to do type checking, and Jest for unit tests. Now, as we scale and grow, we dedicate more and more time to analytics so that we can make informed decisions based on user behavior.

Project Management

Our Tech Lead Oliver manages the Staffers project. He holds regular meetings with Staffers CTO and shareholders to report what has been done and to discuss what the next steps and priorities are. He also delegates the responsibilities within the team at Webscope, discusses encountered problems during the development to further extend knowledge in the team. Our project manager Marek is also involved in the project, addressing mainly the business side of the project.
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A Tough Nut to Crack

The biggest challenge was communication. A precise task specification, understanding the priorities and underlying logic behind some decisions can sometimes be very tough. Some things are apparent from a developer's perspective, others from a client's perspective.
We had to find an effective solution to this challenge quickly to secure the smooth progress of the project. Therefore we started talking more about tasks that might not seem that important and also assigned priority level to all tasks. We also discussed new functionalities and what challenges might occur along the way. Once both parties are on the same page, everything becomes easier.

Wrapping Things up

Staffers have helped find a suitable worker for thousands of positions in the hospitality industry. We are glad that Webscope was able to be part of this journey and that we continue to help Staffers expand.
We have built the entire platform and help Staffers whenever they have questions about what might be possible and what might not. We also provide metrics, help better understand user's behavior, and on top of that, we are here to provide Staffers with our expertise in building startups.
What's definitely one of their strong sides is the transparency they have as a company, and estimate time on how long things will take.
Working with Oliver and his team at Webscope has been a lot better than we could ever wish for. They are extremely good at sharing their ideas and thoughts, without speaking "Tech language". What's definitely one of their strong sides is the transparency they have as a company, and estimate time on how long things will take.
Christian WrightCo-founder, Staffers

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