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Building LogicalPlan app from the ground up

We built a LogicalPlan mobile application (iOS and Android) in React Native with a limited budget and tight schedule. See how we managed to succeed.
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App development
React Native, TypeScript, MobX
2 months
To launch the project
Used for reducing cross-platform communication issues
60+ companies
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Our Task

Logical Plan searched for a reliable software development partner that would realize the entire mobile app development (iOS and Android) for its project management tool. After the first project discussions, it was clear that Webscope had the right technological and project management experience to implement the project.
Logical Plan's web application and backend solution had been already done partially by its internal team, and partially by an external software development company. There was a need to use similar technologies to those used for the website platform development to unify the tech stacks and secure the possibility of code sharing. Last but not least, Logical Plan had a limited budget for the app development. For Webscope, it was a challenge to build the mobile application due to the above-mentioned limitations and a tight schedule.
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Our approach

Since there were some client's requirements for the technologies, we did not have that many options. Therefore we used React Native, TypeScript and Mobx.
The entire project was split into several milestones with a couple of teams working on the project together. Thanks to React and Storybook we were able to work on the business logic and the routing on one side, and on the presentation components on the other site without almost any complications. The project was moving forward at a great pace owing to the chosen technologies and the overall project management.

Project Management

Due to limited time resources, we had to plan the entire project very thoroughly to make sure that the app was released in time. Thanks to Tomáš's and Marek's planning skills we launched the first version without any delay and in the agreed scope. The LogicalPlan project is mainly under Tomáš's control from the technical point of view. Tomáš communicates with the clients and external backend team about anything related to the development. Marek, our project manager, is also involved in the project discussing mainly the business issues.
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A Tough Nut to Crack

The biggest challenge was communication. Since there were a couple of teams (internal and external) working on the website platform and backend, it was quite difficult to keep all people in the loop. Specifically, the most common challenge we faced was cross-platform communication (web requirements for backend vs. mobile app requirements for backend). It happened from time to time that we had to fix bugs that were reported in the mobile application due to changes on the backend.
However, the decision to use TypeScript turned out to be literally lifesaving. It always showed us issues with incompatible data types after the changes in advance so that we could fix them before the release. This helped us save valuable time and work more effectively.

Wrapping Things Up

We managed to deliver the mobile application (for both iOS and Android) in the agreed scope and in time. Since there was a slight delay in the release of the web platform, we gained some extra time to develop more additional features.
We regularly hold calls with the LogicalPlan to make sure that everything goes smoothly according to the plan. We also provide the client with suggestions and recommendations for potential improvements in terms of technology, backend and user experience (e.g. push notifications).
We consider Webscope.io as a reliable development partner given their deep technical and project management expertise.
We consider Webscope.io as a reliable development partner given their deep technical and project management expertise. Their developers provide us continuously with suggestions for improvements which we highly appreciate. Our collaboration has been seamless and one big success from the very beginning.
Josef AndrleCEO, LogicalPlan

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