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Building a multi-language website for the Slovak Fintech

Creating a presentational website isn't not a big deal. However, building a website that would generate awareness, leads and sales, and boost market expansions using multiple language mutations in such a short time, was quite a challenge.
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Financial Services
Web development
Next.js, Prismic, Tailwind CSS
1 month
to build a new website
Page templates
enabling the client to add new pages
language mutations

Client Introduction

Everifin is a universal internet banking platform that allows users to connect any bank account within the European Economic Area and see the balances and transaction history under one roof. Everifin can also manage e-invoices, transfer funds between bank accounts and facilitate payments for e-commerce and in the shops. 
Everifin financial products

Our Task

The Everifin team was searching for a software development company, which could build a presentational website about their financial services quickly and reliably. The Everifin website should be designed according to the provided web designs in Figma with some animations suggested by the Webscope team to make the entire website more appealing to potential customers. Furthermore, one of the most important features was to provide the website with multiple language mutations because Everifin has clients in many European countries. After discussing the project in detail, we knew that the timeframe for the project would be very challenging for us.

Our Approach

At Webscope, we dedicated the Everifin project to three developers. We split the job into many minor issues based on individual sections and components in the website. We were focused on delivering the first version in the minimum amount of time while still doing code reviews and keeping the best practices of today. 
We agreed with the client on working in several iterations to deliver the first version (MVP) with the provided designs as soon as possible.
As for technologies, we decided to use the NextJS framework for server-side rendering of our React components, as SEO optimization was our primary focus. For content management, we used a headless CMS called Prismic so the client can edit the web content and add new language mutations in the future. 
As for styling, we used the TailwindCSS library. For deployment, we first used Vercel, which provided us with a fast content delivery network and a great developer experience. Later, we were assisting the client with deploying the web on its own infrastructure using Kubernetes.
Everifin - technical documentation

Project Management

For the Everifin project, we decided to use Kanban to distribute the tasks among developers as well as clearly see the entire scope of the project. We regularly presented the progress of our work to the client to make sure that we were on the same page and that the project would be delivered on time.

A Tough Nut to Crack

We knew that the client wanted to grow fast and therefore adding new language mutations to the web was very crucial for Everifin and needed to be done as easily as possible. Therefore, we invested time to reveal the best possible solution given the limited resources. 
We managed to develop the website structure so that every time the client wants to add a new language mutation, it can be created based on any other language mutation. This means that the client does not have to start from scratch (with no content) but they can just rewrite the content to the desired language. 
Another very challenging thing was to create a component with an interactive map of Europe. This interactive map should enable the user to click a country on the map (or select in a select box), which would show a list of integrated banks in that country (see the screenshot below – screenshot will be provided). The most important thing was that the client could manage the integrated banks and active countries in Prismic. Thanks to Prismic, we managed to meet this requirement easily.

Wrapping Things Up

With limited resources, we managed to create a new presentational website for Everifn in just a month. We created a simple way to manage content on the web, create custom pages and create new language mutations. We used proven (but modern) technologies to finish the project ASAP. Thanks to precious technical documentation and great designs provided by the client, we were able to develop the website quickly. The result is a great-looking presentational website as the client wished. Everifin can now reach people and bring them on board, or simply express itself.

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