It’s great to integrate your product with additional services to provide your users with a better experience. We are ready to help you make your product work with the tools and services you love.

Slack Integration

Slack is one of the most worldwide used instant messaging apps with dozens of integrated services. Having your product listed in the Slack App Directory will help you target potential customers as well as stay closer with your existing ones. We’ve also integrated our side project with Slack and are ready to do so with your product as well.

Chrome Integration

Extensions (integrations) with Chrome are also a compelling way of how to integrate your product with a service that your customers use daily. The Chrome extensions make it easy for your users to use your product without even leaving the Chrome web interface.

Custom Integrations

Need a custom integration? Let us know! We will look at the service you would like to integrate and do our best to find the best development solution.

Small pick from our successful stories

Kristian Henrichsen - testimonial
Kristian Henrichsen - testimonial
We especially thought that their combined team of developers and a designer working together seamlessly made the overall project easier to handle.
Kristian Henrichsen
Co-founder, Gritera AS

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