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A way to make sure we always deliver expected results. We take care of the management, design, and development of your project.


Open communication

The main key is to understand our client since sometimes the best solution is not so obvious. We focus on open communication and transparency. We are not afraid to define the problem and we expect our clients to be forward with us as well. This way they can always make the best decision even if it means to end the cooperation.


Responsibility in deadlines

Something always goes off the plan during the project - from both sides. But keeping up with deadlines and maintaining open communication can prevent a lot of problems. If we need more time for a task we inform our clients in advance and we expect the same from them. Time spent waiting on documents, files or information is time lost.


Client over product

We put our clients in the first place. We try to listen to better understand the business value of a given project. Even as a tech company we know that functionality is not everything. It doesn't matter how technically advanced is the product, it needs to work for a client.


Value for money

We bring value to the client, so he can generate more profit. We set our price fairly with regard to our capabilities. That is why our clients pay their invoices when the job is done to show that they appreciate our work. We offer lower rates and discounts only to open source and non-profit projects that we believe in or start-ups.


Reputation over profit

The work with our clients is based on mutual trust. They trust our advice, our judgment and we trust them to spread the good name of our company. We will never work on a product If we can not guarantee its quality.









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